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What is A-surance?

A-surance is a product/service of Alamo Masonry designed to maintain the shell of your home. It allows you to pay monthly for the general maintenance of the brick and caulking which protect your home from the elements and pests that may cause serious damage to everything inside.


Can A-surance save me money?

Yes, through the use of an A-surance policy you will save money in many ways. It will help to protect your home against the damage caused by water, reduce/maintain utility costs, and prevent minor brick repair issues from becoming more excessive problems and more costly to repair.

If the shell of your home is cracked and leaking water in through the brick or through the caulking, you will have damaged studs in the walls, damaged Sheetrock, and mold/mildew in the insulation, carpets, or carpet padding. A-surance will keep the shell of the home sealed up and reduce the risk of having to repair or replace the damaged parts of your home.

When cracking or gaps occur in the shell of the home, you lose the heated or cooled air within your home. This happens in the same manner as a fireplace removes the smoke. As the wind blows across the opening of the chimney, it creates a vacuum which sucks out the smoke and most of the heat from the fire. This works the same way when the wind blows across the cracks in the mortar or caulking around the home. It creates a vacuum and sucks out the heated or cooled air from inside of your home. A-surance keeps these cracks and gaps sealed up regularly as they occur and prevents the vacuum from happening. This will save you up to 30% on your utility costs over time.

As the cracks form in the masonry and the caulking begins to leak, the water gets into the cracks and behind the bricks. When this happens, it causes the damage to become more severe. Not only does the crack grow and get worse, but the water damages other parts of the house such as the stud wall and Sheetrock. This could result in completely tearing out the wall and replacing it. This repair costs considerably more than if it had been maintained.


Why should I get A-surance?

Do you wait to maintain or change the oil in your car or wait until the engine locks up or blows out and can only be replaced? Or do you change the oil and filter regularly as preventative maintenance so that your engine lasts longer and with less major issues? A-surance is to your house what an oil change is to your car. It will extend the life of your home with less major repairs.


Where can I get an A-surance policy?

At this time the only vendor of A-surance in the state of Texas is Alamo Masonry. They have an exclusive right to this product for the next five years. You can contact Alamo Masonry online at or by phone at (214) 295-4742.

Our goal with A-surance...

Our goal with A-surance is to perform preventative maintenance to the shell of your home which should help save you money in the forms explained above. Through the regular maintenance of the exterior brick siding, we hope to prevent you from ever needing to file a service claim or perform any major repairs internally that were caused by external damage.

How much does it cost?

With any service of this type, there is an initial setup charge which includes the inspection and processing of the paperwork. This inspection charge is $80.00. Policies will range in price depending on the size of the home and the risk factors of the home. Some policies may be as little as $400.00 per year. While others may be in excess of $800.00 per year. For more information, fill out the form on the right of the page, and someone will be in contact with you.


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