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Brick Cracks

Cracks in the brick form as a result of flexing or movement in the foundation of the home. This is not necessarily foundation failure. All foundations move with the changing moisture level in the soil.

As the foundation of your home bows and flexes, is applies different pressures to the brick and mortar around your home. These pressures cause the brick to crack.

Many of these cracks can be prevented. Expansion Control Joints are straight line gaps in the brick work which are filled only at the front surface with caulking. Their function is to allow the wall to move in independent sections and reduce the pressures on the brick.

If your home does not have Expansion Control Joints, you are more likely to see cracks in the brick. these cracks will tend to form near doors and windows because they are the weakest parts of the wall.

It is best to have expansion control joints installed before the cracks form, but the cracks will tell you exactly where they are needed to prevent future cracking from occurring.

Some contractors may try to fill them with mortar. Don't allow them to do this. If they are filled solid, they can not expand and contract as needed to reduce pressure.

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