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Brick Repair Dallas-Fort Worth


The Dallas-Fort Worth area has a large need for companies that repair the broken brick and mortar around homes. This need for brick repair is in large part due to the soil here in the Dallas area. Some other factors are the elements of weather that affect this area.

 The soils in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area are typically expansive. Some of them can expand as much as seven times the size from dry to wet. This will obviously work in reverse as the soil dries out from being hydrated. As the moisture in the soil increases or decreases, it is important to maintain an even balance around the slab, and under it. If areas are allowed to become more dry or moist than others, it may cause upheavals and/or subsidence in the slab of the home. This movement in the slab will cause uneven pressures in the brick. This results in cracking in the brick and mortar of the home because the masonry siding has a very limited amount of elasticity unlike the sheetrock and other materials used in the home.

 The weather elements in this area play a large role. The summers are hot and dry, and allow the perimeter of homes to sink. Other times of the year are very wet with the rain and thunder-storms. This becomes a problem when there is not proper drainage, and areas become moister than others. Also, with the Thunder-storms, this region gets lots of hail. Hail causes a number of issues with the brick. It knocks brick loose, and breaks off the faces of brick. In addition, these heavy rains will erode the mortar in areas, and eventually weaken the brick wall.

 All of these issues cause serious problems for the brick, and require brick repairs to be performed. Brick repair will restore the structure, value, and beauty of your home. However, a lack of maintenance can result in more extensive damage, higher costs, and many serious concerns.

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