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In the various forms of construction the sand used is very important. In Brick Repair, it changes the color, the texture, and the crushing pressure  of mortar.

White (or silica) sand is a very fine texture of sand, and it tends to change the color of mortar slightly grey or yellow. Due to its fine texture, this sand is useful for filling in small grout joints and leveling floors.

Brick Sand is a mid-grade of sand. It is not as fine as Silica Sand, and not as course as concrete sand. This sand ranges in color from a reddish-brown to a yellowish-brown. When mixed into mortar, it gives a slightly brownish-orange tint to it.

Concrete Sand is very course in texture, and gives the mortar or cement that it is mixed into a higher crushing pressure per square inch. The aggregate in this sand is much more noticeable than in these other two grades of sand, and can give the appearance of various colors depending on the color of aggregate.

Take special care when choosing the color and grade of sand for your project. The sand makes the difference between looking right or not, and effects the durability of the work.

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