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We are making brick mortar cracks disappear. - AMR


Selling your home?

Selling your home can be difficult when you have cracks in your brick masonry siding.

        Home inspectors will usually relate masonry cracks to probable foundation problems.

        Buyers may not be able to secure financing on a home that has brick/masonry damage.

        Most car buyers would not buy a car with noticeable damage, many homebuyers feel the same about cracks in the brick/masonry siding.

        Non-Professional masonry repairs are no different than repairing a scratch in the paint on a car with a paintbrush!

Alamo Masonry offers a wide variety of services such as:

Brick Repair Inspections and Consulting

Mortar Matching Mortar Analysis

Brick Repair installation

Foundation Inspections and Consulting

Foundation piering

Our Brick Repair services completely repair unsightly cracks and damage in your brick siding making them virtually invisible. This repair helps to restore and maintain the maximum value of your brick home.


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