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Brick Repair Guide - This is the best and most complete do it yourself guide to brick repair. Written by the leading expert in this field, it will help you to locate replacement bricks if needed, determine which materials are needed, how to match your mortar, and more.


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When Should I Get A Service Professional?

There are a few basic reasons for using the traditional methods as opposed to the new methods of repair.  All of them are focused around your safety.  The biggest differences between the traditional methods and the new ones are the use of saws.  Through the use of power saws to remove the damaged mortar, we found better techniques for performing the repairs.  They are much more dangerous to use than the traditional tools.  With the saws, there are many new concerns.  The first concern is the risk of electrical shock or electrocution.  These saws cannot be used if there is water in the area.  The next issue is their ability to cause a large amount of damage quickly to the brick or to your person.  These saws can get out of control quickly if you are unfamiliar with their operation.  For these reasons, we will guide you through the traditional methods of repair, but we are going to add in the new techniques that have been learned along the way to current practices. 

There are times that you may need to use a Brick Repair service professional, or you may simply desire to use one.  If you have a large amount of work to be done, this could take a considerable amount of time.  In this circumstance, you may wish to have a service professional perform these repairs because they will have the power tools required to complete all of the repairs in a much smaller amount of time than it would take to chisel them out.  Other times that you will need a service professional to complete your repair needs are for specialized projects that can become very dangerous such as archway repairs, shifting or stabilizing walls, or stabilizing and repairing wing-walls and columns.  You should also use a service professional to perform any acid washing procedures that you may need. 

There are several benefits to having the brick repairs performed by a service professional.  The first is simply that you donít have to get your hands dirty.  The second is much more important.  The reduced risks to yourself by using a service professional.  You will not have the risk of being injured while completing your repairs.  In addition, the liabilities of any accidents such as a falling brick arch, falling brick wall, or other forms of damage and injuries are passed over to the contractor whom is working on the project.  For this reason, quality contractors maintain a reasonable level of liability insurance, which protects their customers.  Due to the various expenses that contractors must pay, and tools that are used, they generally cost a minimum of $900-$1200 per day for these repairs.  These prices may vary some, but canít go much lower and still provide the benefits to you.  For this reason, I have included a link to help you to find a quality service professional near you. 

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