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Mortar Color Matching


Why do I need a Certified Mortar Match/ Mortar Analysis?


AMR Pre-Matched Mortar

What is Pre-Matched Mortar?

  • Pre-Matched Mortars are bags of mortar mix pre-matched and packaged for your specific project providing an exact mortar match.

How are Mortars matched?

  • These mortars are matched through a lab analysis that determine color of mortar, color and gradation of sand, and relative crushing pressures of the samples tested.

  • This process requires 2-3 samples.

What is it for?

Why do I need Pre-Matched Mortar?

  • Pre-Matched Mortars are matched by professionals and ensure a proper match for your project.

  • These mortars are analyzed to determine crushing pressure, mortar color, and the color and grade of the sand used.

Why are these important?

Crushing Pressure-

  • Use of a mortar that is too soft can result in rapid deterioration or may not be strong enough to carry the load of weight above it.

  • Use of mortar that is too hard can cause damage to the bricks, prevent proper bonding to the original mortar, or prevent a masonry structure from being able to breathe properly causing mold or other damage.

Color of mortar-

  • The various colors and tones in mortar must be matched in order to make the repairs disappear. These colors start with the tone of grey to white and then dyes or stains must be matched.

Color and grade of sand-

  • The color and grade of the sand will affect the tones found in the mortar and the way that dyes are absorbed. In addition, the size of the aggregates will affect the texture of the mortar and performance of mortars. If a mortar match doesn't contain proper sand gradation, it may not match the visual appearance of the original.

What makes AMR Pre-Matched Mortars different?

  • AMR Mortars come in a smaller more usable portion, and because it is pre-matched there is no need to adjust the color. These two factors make AMR Mortar better because there is no need to break the ratios within them. They are pre-matched.

  • All other products available come in Grey and White, and come in 70 pound bags. These 70 pound bags require full package use to maintain proper ratios, but require adjustment to match color tones which will break their ratios.

Where do I get Pre-Matched Mortar?

  • Pre-Matched Mortars are available for order online or through many local supply warehouses.

What are the procedures for ordering Pre-Matched Mortars?

  • Acquire 2-3 samples of mortar at least 1 inch in size for mortar analysis.

  • Payment for mortar analysis: pay online or by check made payable to Alamo Masonry Repair.

  • Payment for bags of mortar: these payments must be made online.

  • Package: Samples in a bag, a copy of receipt for mortar analysis or a check, copy of receipt for the number of bags ordered, your name, job name, job address, and shipping address.

Your products will be shipped to you within 5-10 business days.
Some delays may occur with large orders or volume of orders being processed.

What if I need more bags?

  • Your order is kept on file with the formula. Simply place your order for more mix, and refer us to the previous order placed. We will need your name (company), and job name/ address to pull up the file.



Pre-Matched Mortars - Order mortar mixes pre-matched to your formula.

Each box contains 2 bags of mortar.

$70.00 Per Box Pre-Matched Mortars 


Acquiring a sample 

Use a hammer and chisel to remove the samples of mortar from the corners of the home or directly from one of the cracks. 


Additional things which we will need: 

1.      your name/company name 

2.      a contact phone number 

3.      a mailing or E-mail address for the return of your mortar formula

4.    we also need the physical address of the project if it is different than the mailing address.   

5.    receipts for online purchase of mortar match or Pre-Mix Mortars if applicable   




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All Pre-Matched Products are custom made to order.

Tuck-Point Mortars

To order our semi-custom mortars, or get more information click Tuck-Point Mortars. These Tuck-Point Mortars are available in 5 different base tones, and allow you to more easily match your own mortar's dye tones.

Each formula is guaranteed to match (within a reasonable tone) in the color and texture to the samples provided from your home. Mold and Mildew may need to re-grow in the pores to complete the match. This part of natural aging we cannot recreate because these tones vary around your home and change throughout the year.

Most mortar matches are not visible immediately upon drying.



Alamo Masonry Brick Repair provides certified mortar matching services around the world. 

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