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Pre-Matched Mortars

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Get your Mortar Analysis!

Pre-Mix Mortar

All Pre-Matched Mortars are custom made to match samples of your mortar.

Using a mortar analysis we produce bags of certified matched mortar to make your repairs virtually invisible. We match the color, base tone, strength, and more including assistance in matching your sand.


  •  $70.00 Per Box Pre-Matched Mortars  (2 bags/box) Delivered

  • This product requires Mortar Analysis
    • "Certified Mortar Match"
  • Each bag makes about 3 gallons of Mortar



What is Pre-Matched Mortar?

  • Pre-Matched Mortars are bags of mortar mix pre-matched and packaged for your specific project providing an exact mortar match.

  • Pre-Mix Mortars - Are mortar mixes pre-matched to your formula. Just add the local sand and water and you are ready to go.
  • This product requires Mortar Analysis or a Certified Mortar Match 


For more information about Pre-Matched Mortars click info.

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Alamo Masonry Brick Repair provides certified mortar matching services around the world.

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