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Mortar Matching for Brick Repair


Mortar Analysis

Mortar Analysis

Mortar Analysis is the process of testing the composition or performance of dried mortar. This has many application in the field of masonry from determining the formula of existing mortar for matching during masonry repairs to determining the quality of mortar used or if it matches the existing mortar. While we provide different testing for the various uses, our focus in mortar testing and analysis is for the purpose of determining the composition formula for matching the existing mortar of masonry restoration projects and historic mortar matching analysis.

Mortar analysis allows you to get a formula of the mortar composition and ratios used in the original mortar sample and identify the compressive strength and sand. These factors directly affect the ability of the replacement mortar to bond with the existing mortar and the color or texture of the cement. These factors are important in making the repairs last and look properly. If the mortars don't bond to each other, the repairs will pop loose and likely cause damage to the bricks.

Mortar Analysis Method

Proprietary Mortar Analysis

Our proprietary method of mortar analysis includes many of the common mortar testing methods per the ASTM test procedures of each, including compressive strength testing of mortar samples, the acid digestion analysis of the composition, and some other scientific mortar testing processes such as calculating the weight loss during testing to confirm results. We also offer additional testing for those who need more details about the sand or color of the mortar. You can add color matching or a sand sieve analysis to our mortar analysis testing for $150 each. For a more detailed description of testing or a complete list of tests offered, visit

Mortar Analysis Process

Mortar analysis procedures for ordering are as follow: 

  • Collect and label each sample (if you are ordering multiple tests) and package them in bags for shipping. Crumbled samples are ok, but try to get some pieces for crushing. We need a few pieces or about a cup of mortar.

  • Send samples to AMR Labs at 1525 Corona Dr. in Granbury, TX 76048 using your preferred shipping method (U.S. postal service offers flat rate boxes that work well).

    • Include samples, your contact information (phone, shipping, and E-mail), and a check or receipt from online payment, and any special instructions or needs.

    • The cost is per sample tested. Be sure to make payment for how many tests are needed.

  • From the time we receive the samples of mortar, the process takes 1-2 weeks to get your test results. In some cases it may be quicker. Test results are sent back by mail and e-mail if we have one provided.

  • All credit card payments must be processed online.


Mortar Analysis
Testing Report/Formula


Mortar Testing Report/Formula

Mortar Analysis  - Testing Report and Formula

  • Match the mortar type and relative crushing pressure

  • Determine grade and color of sand

  • send you a sample of your sand rinsed during analysis to compare to when picking your local sand.

  • WE will E-Mail you the Testing Report and Mortar Formula (This Analysis Is Not A Color Match)

  • (For Color Matching )

    • Crushing Pressure and Sand Gradation can only be approximated due to the size, age, and shapes of samples being tested.


Mortar analysis and add-ons

  • Mortar Analysis costs $350 per sample tested

    Mortar Testing $350/Sample

  • Add a color match for $150 per sample to match

    $150.00/match mortar color

  • Add a Sand Sieve Analysis for $150 per test

    $150/Sieve Analysis



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