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Mortar Matching for Brick Repair


Mortar Matching Services

Mortar Matching

Mortar Matching for brick repair is a more detailed process than just matching the color. This is because the composition of the mortar that determines the mortar type directly affects the color. Additionally, the composition and mortar type determine the compressive strength of the mortar, the amount of water penetration, and the ability to bond together. Without matching these factors about the mortar, any repair is not going to last and will likely cause damage to the bricks.

How to Match Brick Mortar

Matching Mortar Accurately
The only way to match mortar accurately is through analysis of the mortar composition if the composition, formula, and ratio of sand is unknown, and through mixing the replacement mortar per this formula and ratio from the base ingredients and not from small portions of prepackaged mortar of the desired mortar type. The prepackaged mortars are not consistent throughout the package, but rather require the full content of these bags to make the specified mortar type. Therefore, to make smaller portions or adjust color of base tones, you must follow the same formula and ratio of ingredients used to make those packages applied to a smaller scale and color adjustments using the grey/white Portland.

The primary ingredients of mortar is Portland + lime + sand. The base tone between grey and white can be adjusted in the Portland. There are both grey and white forms of this material, and as long as your mortar formula contains the same amount of Portland in the ratio, the color of Portland is not relevant to anything but the resulting color tone. This is why mixing from the base ingredients of mortar allows accuracy and color adjustment at any scale of volume needed.

How to Match Mortar Color
When adjusting base tones (grey to white) or color tones, it is very important to know the color and gradation of the sand because the sand composes nearly 70-80% of the mortar and directly affects the color. This is why if you mix white type N mortar mix with a sand that is reddish brown with about 10% of the particles being smaller and black, your mortar will have a buff tone with a light grey appearance even when no grey Portland is used in the mix.

Mortar Matching Process

Mortar Matching Analysis
Our mortar matching or color matching analysis listed below provides basic testing of the mortar to confirm the compressive strength and bonding ability based on a known mortar type or where the mortar type is based on the compressive strength of the mortar sample being matched. It also provides basic information about the sand used and provides a sample of original sand used with the results. If you need more detailed information about the mortar composition or sand, you may need to add a sand sieve analysis or add both a sieve analysis and color match to a full mortar analysis.


Mortar Color Matching


Certified Mortar Match

Mortar Matching

  • Match the mortar type and crushing pressure

  • Determine grade and color of sand

  • Match the tone of white to grey
  • Match dye and stain colors
  • Guaranteed Mortar Color Match


  • send you a sample of your sand rinsed during analysis to compare to when picking your local sand.

  • check for known contaminates in your mortar

  • Most repair projects only use one box of mortar.

    • Crushing Pressure and Sand Gradation can only be approximated due to the size, age, and shapes of samples being tested.

Mortar Matching procedures for ordering are as follow: 

  • Collect and label each sample (if you are ordering multiple tests) and package them in bags for shipping. Crumbled samples are ok, but try to get some pieces for crushing. We need a few pieces or about a cup of mortar. Some surface pieces are best for color matching.

  • Send samples to AMR Labs at 1525 Corona Dr. in Granbury, TX 76048 using your preferred shipping method (U.S. postal service offers flat rate boxes that work well).

    • Include samples, your contact information (phone, shipping, and E-mail), and a check or receipt from online payment, and any special instructions or needs.

    • The cost is per sample tested. Be sure to make payment for how many tests are needed.

  • From the time we receive the samples of mortar, the process takes 1-2 weeks to get your test results. In some cases it may be quicker. Test results are sent back by mail and e-mail if we have one provided.

  • All credit card payments must be processed online.


Pre-Matched Mortars - Order mortar mixes pre-matched to your formula.

Each box contains 2 bags of mortar.

$70.00 Per Box Pre-Matched Mortars 




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