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Brick Repair Articles

Mortar Matching "Alamo Certified Mortar Match - The First Step to Quality Repairs".  

Locating Brick - Knowing where to look to find replacement brick is one of the most important factors to being able to repair the brick around your home.  This article will explain how and where to find replacement bricks for your home.

When Should I Get A Service Professional? - You will need a service professional to complete your repair needs if they are for specialized projects that can become very dangerous such as archway repairs, shifting or stabilizing walls, or stabilizing and repairing wing-walls and columns. 

Causes Of Cracking - Homes with brick siding often succumb to outside forces that influence the structural integrity of the brick.  These forces create cracking and damage in the brick and mortar over time.  The forces most commonly seen include changes in the soil due to soil type, drainage and movement as well as weather.

Common Areas Of Cracking - Some of the most common places to look for cracks and loose brick include:

  • Above and below doors and windows

  • In the angles of bay windows

  • Around corners

  • Along the edges of coined corners

  • Archways-above, in the corners, and in the center

  • Above garage doors

  • Throughout walls over 25 feet long without expansion control joints.

  • Fireplaces and chimneys

Tuck-Pointing - In todayís market, tuck pointing is considerably different. We no longer have to hammer and chisel the mortar-joints to open the cracks up for repair. Most companies use an angle grinder fitted with a diamond-carbide blade prepared for the purpose of removal of the mortar. This innovation allows us to cut the mortar-joints out deeper and faster than had typically been done prior.

Selling Your Home - Selling your home can be difficult when you have cracks in your brick masonry siding.

Brick Fireplace Repair - Many homes have brick fireplaces, but most people donít know how to maintain them. There are a few basic things to watch for regarding your fireplace.

Brick Repair Dallas-Fort Worth - A lack of maintenance can result in more extensive damage, higher costs, and many serious concerns.

Sand - In the various forms of construction the sand used is very important. In Brick Repair, it changes the color, the texture, and the crushing pressure  of mortar.

Brick Cracks - Cracks in the brick form as a result of flexing or movement in the foundation of the home.


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