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Masonry Contractors to Masonry Repair
Alamo Masonry Repair (AMR) began as a local masonry contractor performing new construction and specializing in custom stone works building patios, waterfalls, archways, retaining walls, fireplaces, and other new masonry structures including brick and stone homes and commercial block buildings with brick and stone veneer. Around '97 or '98 Alamo Masonry Repair started to lean away from the new construction and specialize in repair of masonry cracks and damage as we saw the need for masonry repair services that focused on the details and made a true effort to do masonry repair right, and not just a patch over the cracks. When we specialized in masonry repair, we changed our name to this focus. As with any major transition, it was not easy focusing on masonry repair. We had a lot to learn.

Matching Mortar for Masonry Repair
We quickly realized that there was far more to matching mortar for masonry repair than just adding some pigment to color the mortar. What we found is that most mortars had faded or darkened from their base tone of grey or white. This seemed easy enough to compensate and perform the masonry repairs, but we quickly found problems with the masonry repair industry standard of mixing some from a bag of grey mortar and some from a bag of white mortar to adjust this tone. While the blending of grey and white is the only way to match this tone, Alamo Masonry Repair learned that we could not do this with the pre-mixed bags of mortar without changing the ratio of binding materials and mortar type. This was evident in changes of color and hardness in one batch to the next on the same masonry repair project where we knew that we had measured the exact same amounts from each container.

When we found this, we began research into how this could happen, and the answer was simple. The binding materials have dramatically different weights, and when placed into a bucket and vibrated in transport, these materials separated into layers inside the bucket that we could not see. These studies led us into other research to better improve the industry of masonry repair, but we identified that to blend the grey and white tones you must mix the binding materials in proper proportions for the mortar type ratio on your own and not use pre-mixed bags to blend.

As Alamo Masonry Repair (AMR) continued to research, I was reminded of my formal studies in chemistry and lab works. I had finally found a way to apply the things learned in school to the career I grew up in.

Masonry Repair Services
Alamo Masonry Repair began offering mortar analysis and matching services to our customers to accurately identify the mortar type and compressive strength of their mortar in addition to the color matching services. Over the next ten years, we became not only the first to specialize in nothing but masonry repair, but as we gained competition, we became the most trusted name in masonry repair due to the practice of matching mortars completely and the professional masonry repair services we provided.

While the goal of Alamo Masonry Repair was to provide quality masonry repair, we also wanted to improve the industry and provide all customers the highest level of quality for masonry repair, and realized this was not possible on our own. We could only train so many crews to do masonry repair the right way. So in an effort to reach more customers and provide them the best in masonry repair, we opened our lab services to our competitors and homeowners. This quickly took hold, but it began to create a conflict to compete in the local masonry repair industry.

Masonry Repair in Dallas Fort Worth
This led Alamo Masonry Repair to change our name to AMR Labs, release our masonry repair training manual and bags of custom made premixed pointing mortar to the public, and step back and out of onsite masonry repair services allowing us to provide AMR products and services nationally. We have leased our website for local masonry repair in the Dallas Fort Worth area to a young promising business that seems to put forth the effort to providing high quality masonry repair services and competitive pricing.

For masonry repair services in the Dallas Fort Worth area, visit: and request an estimate.

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Brick Repair Mortar

AMR Tuck-Point Mortars


What are AMR Tuck-Point Mortars?

  1. Tuck Point Mortars are repair mortars that make brick repair faster, easier, and more consistent because they come pre-mixed is a wide variety of color tones and mortar types, and come in smaller more usable portions.

  2. Just add sand and water and you are ready to go.

What are they for?

  1. Tuckpoint mortars are used for repairing cracked or damaged mortar while maintaining proper ratios of Portland to lime.

What types of mortar are available?

  1. AMR TuckPoint Mortars are available in a variety of mortar types.

  2. Type: K,O,N,S,and M

  3. Pre-Matched Mortar

What is the difference between these mortar types?

  1. The difference is the amount of Portland and the resulting crushing pressures.

  1. Type "k' has a crushing pressure of 75 PSI.

  2. Type "O" has a crushing pressure of 350 PSI.

  3. Type "N" has a crushing pressure of 750 PSI.

  4. Type "S" has a crushing pressure of 1800 PSI.

  5. Type "M" has a crushing pressure of 2800 PSI.

What makes AMR Tuck Point Mortars different?

  1. Most mortar mixes are only available in a 70 pound bag and are either Grey or White. AMR Mortars are available in a 1 gallon bag and have many different tones between white and grey.

How many color tones do they come in?

  1. Type "K"      9 tones

  2. Type "O"    11 tones

  3. Type "N"    17 tones

  4. Type "S"     17 tones

  5. Type "M"    17 tones

  6. Cement.       17 tones


Why are they better?

  1. AMR Mortars are the only mortars available in the many different types and tones.

  2. This makes them better because it is no longer necessary to re-mix mortars to achieve the different tones.

  3. Re-mixing prepackaged mortars breaks the ratios within the bags of mix.

What do you mean, break ratios?

  1. Most bags of mortar mix come in 70 pound bags of Grey and White mix. These bags require mixing of the full content of the package.

  2. Each bag contains a mixture of Portland cement, lime, and other additives which are proportioned to meet the ASTM testing standards.

  3. Mixing of anything less than the whole package or mixing portions of the grey and white bags to make smaller amounts of mortar or to achieve different tones of mortar changes the ratio of Portland to lime.

  4. This results in inconsistent mixtures that may not meet the required crushing pressures (too hard or soft) or the ASTM testing standards.

Why do I need AMR Mortars?

  1. Because AMR Mortars come in several different types and tones and come in a 1 gallon bag, there is no need to break the ratios of the mortar.

  2. These mortars will meet the ASTM testing standards, reduce wasted materials, save you time matching mortars and mixing them, and ensure a more consistent mortar for your project.

How do I choose the AMR Mortar I need?

  1. First, you need to determine which type of mortar is needed. This is based on the crushing pressure of your current mortar.

Why is this important?

  1. Use of a mortar that is too soft can result in rapid deterioration or may not be strong enough to carry the load of weight above it.

  2. Use of mortar that is too hard can cause damage to the bricks, prevent proper bonding to the original mortar, or prevent a masonry structure from being able to breathe properly causing mold or other damage.

  1. Most homes are type "N" mortar if they are less than 100 years old.

  2. Most mortars older than 100 years are likely to be a type "O" or softer mortar.

We can test samples of mortar for you or you can test them to determine the type of mortar needed.

Type "k' has a crushing pressure of      75 PSI.
Type "O" has a crushing pressure of   350 PSI.
Type "N" has a crushing pressure of   750 PSI.
Type "S" has a crushing pressure of  1800 PSI.
Type "M" has a crushing pressure of 2800 PSI.

Compare your mortar to our sample chart for your mortar type to match the tone of White to Grey.

  1. digital charts are available online, or

  2. physical sample charts are available at hardware/supply warehouses near you. Ask for them in your local stores.

Where can I get AMR Tuck-Point Mortars?

  1. Our products are available to order online or in many supply warehouses. Ask for them in stores near you.

Tuckpoint Mortar

Tuck-Point Mortars – Matching Mortar

When we first set out to make brick repair better, we started custom matching the mortar to each and every project. This was a great step in the right direction. Repairs to the mortar no longer had to look like a repair. Over time, we started to find problems with the methods. The biggest problem that we found was in the mix itself.

For many years, we used the available mortar mixes for grey and white Type “N” mortars. By mixing the grey with the white and adding different pigments, we were able to match any mortar color. (Color matches were done in the lab.)

This sounds great, right? Well, the problem was in the mix. Problems occurred in the mixing of Type “N” mortars. Sometimes these mortars would remain soft or crumble. Other times, the mortar would seem to separate in the wheelbarrow and grout bags and dry harder.

After careful study of the problems, it was determined that the mix was inconsistent throughout the bags that we were mixing, and that these bags were intended to be mixed all at once for use. Not in small portions.

Some portions of the bags were mostly lime and produced softer mortar. While other parts of the same bags were dominantly Portland and produced a harder substance (concrete).

We found that it was necessary to create our own Type “N” mortar from the base products (Portland and lime). This gave our mixes the consistency they required.

All of our Pre-Matched Mortars meet the required ASTM standards (C91) (and are ASTM C270 compliant with a proper sand gradation.)

Although we were able to correct this problem and produce quality mortars, many contractors are still using the same methods as before. They are still making the same old mistakes, and many are not capable of matching the color.

Both aspects of mixture and pigments are very important to achieving a proper mortar match, and must be done in the control of a lab.

With this in mind, I ask the question. Even if a contractor is matching the color of your mortar, is the mortar they create a proper match?

The answer is simply, “No”!

If they are just mixing portions of bags (in any ratio) of existing Type “N” mixes, then their mortar blends are not consistently compliant with the ASTM standards that regulate this industry, and their mortar may not match the required crushing pressures of the original mortar.

This is why Alamo Masonry Repair Products have been made available to the homeowners and contractors alike.

We believe that any job is worth doing right. Our Pre-Matched and Tuck-Point Mortars come in smaller more usable portions and are perfect for any masonry repair project. They meet the required ASTM testing standards and properly match the original mortar of your structure.
All Pre-Matched Products are custom made to order.

AMR Pre-Matched Mortar

What is Pre-Matched Mortar?

  1. Pre-Matched Mortars are bags of mortar mix pre-matched and packaged for your specific project providing an exact mortar match.

How are Mortars matched?

  1. These mortars are matched through a lab analysis that determine color of mortar color and gradation of sand, and relative crushing pressures of the samples tested.

  2. This process requires 2-3 samples.

What is it for?

  1. Repairing areas of cracked or damaged mortar.

Why do I need Pre-Matched Mortar?

  1. Pre-Matched Mortars are matched by professionals and ensure a proper match for your project.

  2. These mortars are analyzed to determine crushing pressure, mortar color, and the color and grade of the sand used.

Why are these important?

Crushing Pressure of Mortar-

  1. Use of a mortar that is too soft can result in rapid deterioration or may not be strong enough to carry the load of weight above it.

  2. Use of mortar that is too hard can cause damage to the bricks, prevent proper bonding to the original mortar, or prevent a masonry structure from being able to breathe properly causing mold or other damage.

Color of mortar-

  1. The various colors and tones in mortar must be matched in order to make the repairs disappear. These colors start with the tone of grey to white and then dyes or stains must be matched.

Color and grade of sand-

  1. The color and grade of the sand will affect the tones found in the mortar and the way that dyes are absorbed. In addition, the size of the aggregates will affect the texture of the mortar and performance of mortars. If a mortar match doesn't contain proper sand gradation, it may not match the visual appearance of the original.

What makes AMR Pre-Matched Mortars different?

  1. AMR Mortars come in a smaller more usable portion, and because it is pre-matched there is no need to adjust the color. These two factors make AMR Mortar better because there is no need to break the ratios within them. They are pre-matched.

  2. All other products available come in Grey and White, and come in 70 pound bags. These 70 pound bags require full package use to maintain proper ratios, but require adjustment to match color tones which will break their ratios.

Where do I get Pre-Matched Mortar?

  1. Pre-Matched Mortars are available for order online or through many local supply warehouses.

What are the procedures for ordering Pre-Matched Mortars?

  1. Acquire 2-3 samples of mortar at least 1 inch in size.

  2. Payment for mortar analysis: pay online or by check made payable to Alamo Masonry Repair.

  3. Payment for bags of mortar: these payments must be made online.

  4. Package: Samples in a bag, a copy of receipt for mortar analysis or a check, copy of receipt for the number of bags ordered, your name, job name, job address, and shipping address.

  1. Send package to us at:
    AMR Labs/Alamo Masonry Repair
    1525 Corona Dr.
    Granbury, TX 76048


Your products will be shipped to you within 5-10 business days.
Some delays may occur with large orders or volume of orders being processed.

What if I need more bags?

  1. Your order is kept on file with the formula. simply place your order for more mix, and refer us to the previous order placed. We will need your name (company), and job name/ address to pull up the file.

All masonry mortars are required to meet certain guidelines. These are set forth as the ASTM standards. If you are mixing mortars for construction use, they must meet specific ASTM ratings. For most commercial and residential structures, the mortar must meet the ASTM C91 standard or ASTM C270. Only testing labs can authorize and approve a mortar mix to meet the ASTM standards.

For nearly 10 years now, we have been using Certified Mortar Matching and bags of Pre-Matched Mortar for our own use. We have recently opened these products to the public in an attempt to provide quality products and service to a larger range of customer.

Our Products are available to Individuals and Contractors alike. We make Tuck Pointing and Brick Repair easy.

Our mortar blends meet the required testing standards as set forth by the ASTM (ASTM C91 and are ASTM C270 compliant) for their specific type and function. Only Alamo Masonry Repair Products deliver the quality you deserve.

Every sample is lab tested and matched to the original mortar of your structure, and must pass the approval of our lab technicians before any Pre-Matched Mortars are bagged.

Match the mortar in color and texture to the original mortar of your home and know that your mortar is properly mixed and meets the Government guidelines established in the ASTM standards.

 Most mortar matches are not visible immediately upon drying.


We have all seen those cheap brick repairs and cheap repair products. They leave ugly lightening bolts down the side of your home and tend to crumble or peel away from the brick. This is what happens when you trust the average mason contractor to mix mortars or those generic products at your local hardware store. Further, you don't know if the mixture they are using meets the required ASTM standards for construction mortars.

For many contractors, the idea of matching the mortar is just something they tell you. Unless they are using a lab to match your mortar, they are just guessing at how to match it. This is why there are labs to test mortar and to determine if mixed mortars meet the ASTM standards.

As far as the various brick (crack) repair products available at the hardware store, they are often worse for these repairs. Many of these products are some form of caulking. Which are messy, and will not match the mortar. They will decrease the value and diminish the look of your Brick Home.


Every home is different. This is why you cannot use a generic repair product. The generic mortar mixes only come in grey and white, but mortar changes over time. Light mortars become darker and dark mortars become lighter. The new mortar has to match the current condition of the mortar to match and age properly.

Over time the new mortar will age just like the original mortar has, but the old mortar also continues to age. This is why the current mortar condition must be matched.

The only way to properly match the current condition of the mortar is through lab tested, certified mortar matching. This requires a few samples of your mortar for analysis and takes about a week in processing.

(For ASTM C270 testing we require some of the sand to be used in the project and this test takes about 30 days.)

(ASTM C270 requires a sand gradation of C144 sand.)

ASTM C91 uses a generic sand gradation that is more comparable to your available sands. C144 is harder to locate.

Most structures are built using mortars that meet the ASTM C91 specifications for their mortar mix due to the availability of C144 sands.


Alamo offers Certified Mortar Matching and sells bags of Pre-Matched Mortar. These mortars are lab tested and matched, and are guaranteed to match the mortar from your home based on the samples provided and meet the ASTM C91 requirements.

These Pre-Matched Mortars are easy to use, and assure you to have a perfect job every time.

All Pre-Matched Products are custom made to order.

Tuck-Point Mortars

To order our semi-custom mortars, or get more information click Tuck-Point Mortars. These Tuck-Point Mortars are available in 17 different base tones, and allow you to more easily match your own mortar's dye tones.

Brick Repair has evolved over the years, and Alamo Masonry has been at the leading edge of each of these changes. We were among the first to specialize in Brick Repair, and we founded the Custom Color Matched Mortar System which allows us to match the mortar every time. And now, Alamo Masonry provides "Alamo Certified Mortar Matches " to companies and individuals around the world, helping them to complete a proper Brick Repair.


"Mortar Matching, the first step to quality repairs."


As always, we will continue to provide the highest quality of service and product to our customers at reasonable prices. Our products and services include free estimates for brick repair, brick repairs, the "Brick Repair Guide", Certified Mortar Matching, Brick Repair Videos, brick and foundation inspections and consulting, and yearly maintenance schedules.


Brick Repair Made Easy.

Pre-Mix Mortars - Order mortar mixes pre-matched to your formula.


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Brick Repair Report - Learn everything you should know about brick repair. Learn what causes problems with the brick and grout, how to prevent these problems, perform maintenance, and what questions to ask when finding a contractor. This report tells all. It will even tell you how to find a quality contractor in your area. Don't even call contractors until you know the facts. The information contained in this report will help you to make a well informed decision and save you money.

  1. Know what is causing your problems.

  2. Know how to prevent recurring problems.

  3. Know what quality you should expect and how to identify the quality you will receive.

  4. Learn the risks involved in having these repairs performed.

  5. Learn how to protect yourself from these risks.

  6. Learn how to find quality contractors for any project.

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Mortar Matching

  1. Mortar analysis for Brick Repair/tuckpoint mortar to analyze samples from your project and determine their relative hardness (crushing pressures), base tone, dye tones, and color & grade of sand.

Pre-Matched Mortar

  1. Pre-Matched Mortars require mortar analysis and are matched to the samples provided for your project. These are completely custom mortars.

Tuck-Point Mortars

  1. To order our semi-custom mortars, or get more information click Tuck-Point Mortars. These Tuck-Point Mortars are available in 5 different base tones, and allow you to more easily match your own mortar's dye tones. We do have Type "M", "S", "N", "O", and "K" mortars available in these various base tones.

  1. Brick Repair Guide


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